SubroIQ has developed several unique services to help claims organizations improve their subrogation processes and, ultimately, their profitability.

By combining the power of analytic modeling and tenured industry experience SubroIQ is able to find dollars that would otherwise go unidentified, increase the speed at which dollars are collected, and improve the overall customer satisfaction of our client’s insureds.

UM Collections

Through a technology-based business model that leverages highly integrated workflows, SubroIQ has proven to deliver more efficient and effective services than its peers.

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SubroIQ’s arbitration team is comprised of highly trained experts versed in all P&C lines of business. From full outsources to referral based programs, SubroIQ can find a way to help you improve your metrics.

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Predictive analytics, algorithmic inference, and other proprietary technologies are the cornerstone of every SubroIQ process. We continue to be the stick by which other service providers are measured.

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SubroIQ’s Outsources are designed to take the burden away from our carrier partners while maximizing results. There is no more seamless way to add a sophisticated level of technology to your company’s subro processes.

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